Potty Train your Child in Three Days or Less

Learning how to use the bathroom is not just important for social reasons it is also necessary for health and psychological reasons.

Individuals have to know how to use the bathroom if they are going function as normal people within society. Parents who have children that are not potty trained by the time they reach school age understand this point. Most schools simply will not let a child be enrolled unless they are know how to use the bathroom.

Carol Cline is a daycare owner and mother of four. She knows the importance of potty training children. As a matter of fact Mrs. Cline had a hard time potty training her first child. She understands the frustrations of potty training because she had to endure them when she was training her oldest child.

One day while Carol was trying on a really expensive pair of pants in a high-end store her daughter had an accident on the changing room floor. Carol did not realize what her daughter had done and when she took off the pants she was trying on, she accidentally let them fall into the pee. Carol had to pay for the pants (they were really expensive) and she was embarrassed. Mrs. Cline was upset and from that moment on she decided to take control of this situation and make a change. A short time later she came up with her program for training kids how to use the potty quickly and easily.

Does this Potty Training Method Work?

The potty training program requires parents to monitor their child’s bathroom habits for a day. The purpose of this exercise is to figure out when a child has to use the bathroom. Once a person understands this point they will be prepared to take their child to the potty. While many people might be skeptical about this type of potty training plan, it has been successfully used by most of parents.

Day One

The potty training plan must be carried out in the home. The reason for this is that a child must not wear any type of underpants while they go about their daily routine. A mom and or dad must also be present to monitor their child. If both parents cannot be present then at least one must be available. Other people such as older siblings, relatives and friends can also help out with this process.

The first day of training is the most important. On this particular day all the people that will be monitoring a child must be present to ensure that this process works. When the child gets up in the morning they should be immediately taken to the potty.

A parent should make sure that they remain on the potty between 5 and 10 minutes. A child who ends up using the bathroom within this amount of time should be rewarded. If they do not use the potty the child should get up and continue on with their day.

As a child moves around throughout the day, their behavior must be closely watched. Parents must do this so that they can figure out when they have to go to the bathroom. Many children will stand in place when they have to go or they get a look of concentration on their faces. Some children will use the bathroom without any warnings at all.

Children who do not seem as if they have to use the bathroom they should be placed on the potty every two to three hours. Sooner or later they will have to go. All children do. The main thing is that a child has to be closely viewed to ensure that they are being taken to the potty.Some parents make a game out of this as well. They greatly reward their children every time they use the potty to relieve themselves.

Whether a child uses the potty during the daytime or not is not the main thing. The main thing is to ensure that they “associate using the bathroom with the potty” and not going on the floor or in their pants. If a parent is able to help their child to make this connection then they will have in fact potty trained them.

When it is time for a child to go to sleep take them to the potty before they lie down. The whole point is to make sure that they are getting use to the idea of potty. After the child goes to sleep place a disposable diaper on them to avoid night time accidents.

Day Two

The second day will be carried out like the first day with the exception that parents should become more involved in the process. They should vigorously monitor their children to make sure that they are using the potty when they have to go.

Some parents might decide to take their children outside (weather permitting) and if they do they should not put a diaper on them. Again, they will have to be aggressive with monitoring their children to avoid messes. It will be more difficult to check children outdoors.

Day Three

Parents are encouraged to take their children out the house on day three but they should have them use the potty before they leave and after then return. The main thing is to make sure that they know that they have to use the potty when they have to go to the bathroom.

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