What Are the Differences Between Women's Designer Wallets and Men's Designer Wallets?

Men and women today have a taste for designer bags and they both carry them from time to time. Although these two serve the same purpose, they have some distinct differences, and so do men and women's designer wallets. Wallets are transported by men and women for many reasons and they are transported in different ways.

Basic Design of Men's Designer Wallets

Just like designer handbags, designer wallets are available in a variety of styles. There are checkbook designs, credit card holder wallets, bi- and tri-fold wallets, chain wallets, money clips and coat wallets. A primary purpose for carrying a wallet is to be able to have money and credit cards conveniently nearby at all times. Men are more likely to choose wallet designs like a bi-fold, tri-fold or a check book designer wallet. Businessmen may prefer to use a pocket wallet that fits nicely inside a breast pocket of a suit or coat. The main difference in the design of men's wallets is that they are created to hold money flat and they do not have a coin compartment. Some men prefer to use a chain wallet which has a chain which helps secure the wallet so that it does not fall out of the pocket or get stolen.

Basic Design of Women's Designer Wallets

Women do not usually carry a wallet in their pocket, but they usually carry one in their designer bag. One of the favorite styles for women today includes the clutch which is stylish and can be carried instead of a larger designer bag. Clutch wallets are usually very stylish and designed to hold a number of useful items. Women do have a softer version of a chain wallet, but instead of securing it inside the pocket, the chain secures it to the lady's wrist so that it is not accidently dropped or discarded. Many women's wallets are made out of the same materials that a men's, but they typically have a lot flashier design and many are very colorful and stylish. Women do have some bi-folds similar to the man's design but it does not just fold up, it typically zips or has another closure option. Women are more likely to carry coins in their wallet. This usually means their heads may not lie down as flat as the men's, but this is not necessary since they are not likely to carry it inside their pocket, but inside designer bags instead.

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